Wednesday, April 4, 2012


On Monday, March 19th, one of my best friends committed suicide. She battled with depression for years and had attempted to take her life a few times before. She wasn't doing well and was making bad choices and then had a full hysterectomy in January which I think sent her over the edge. I had to take some time to heal emotionally. I was so worried that this would cause a major healing setback for me but physically it did not. I didn't sleep well a few nights but it was out of worry and concern for the family. I am doing fine, I have learned to let go and just remember my friend as the person she was that I loved instead of this disturbed woman she had become. I will love her and miss her always.

I am happy to report that a lot of my symptoms are mild if not gone. I have no problems sleeping, falling asleep, or staying asleep. My eyesight has improved tremendously. I don't need to shut my eyes when I turn the light out at night like I had been doing for months. I don't have panic attacks or anxiety right before a shower, I can handle noise a lot better, too.
I am still fatigued, have not dropped one ounce, and my pms has been very noticeable. Not crabby as much but very bloated and achy.

I had blood work done a week ago so I am anxious to see what it says.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The process of copper elimination and its symptoms

This article is describing some of the symptoms I'm currently experiencing or experienced this weekend after the removal of the iud:

Bloating and gas

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A thought

To think that I quit smoking to reduce my chances at getting cancer and heart disease, and for the past ten years the IUD has been increasing my chances.

I think of how bad the symptoms have been in the past year...

exaggerated hair loss , dizziness, foggy head, fungal infection, chronic nasal congestion, allergies, heart palpitations, blurred and jumpy vision, shoulder and knee pains, sun spots, new moles, deep wrinkles on face and chest (collagen production), anxiety and panic attacks...

And so starts the journey to balance out my copper and zinc levels which should lower my estrogen and reduce all these symptoms.

A day after the removal, I am feeling good. I slept over ten hours straight last night. Today I have some tenderness and can't strain the bowels without discomfort. I was gassy yesterday but not today :)

Cancer and Copper Toxicity

Cancer is associated with all three copper imbalances – deficiency, excess and biounavailable copper, which is a combination of the other two.  This is one reason for the cancer epidemic we experience today.  The important topic of cancer and natural approaches to it, is discussed in other articles on this website.  Here are just a few ways cancer is linked to copper imbalance:
1. The levels of estrogen and copper have a direct relationships.  This means that as copper rises, often estrogen rises, too.  This is one reason many women and even men are so-called “estrogen dominant” today.  Really, they have too much copper and cannot detoxify estrogen well enough.  This imbalance is tied to cancer because estrogen is a potent carcinogen.  It is the reason we never recommend supplementing even natural estrogen unless it is done with extreme caution.  It is rarely needed if the body chemistry can be balanced using nutritional balancing science.
2. Copper causes liver toxicity when it is in excess or when it ibiounavailable.  The liver is important to protect to avoid and to control cancer in every case, according to Dr. Max Gerson, MD, a pioneer in non-toxic cancer therapies.
3. Copper alters thyroid gland activity in most cases.  This can also contribute to cancer and many other illnesses such as Grave’s disease, for example.
4. Copper imbalance is associated with fungal and other infections.  These can often be at the root of a cancer situation.  For example, it is known that root canal-filled teeth can give off bacterial toxins that help predispose the body to cancers of certain kinds.
5. Copper blocks anerobic metabolism when it is in balance.  This can help prevent cancer when copper is in balance, but not when it is too high or too low in the body.
6. Copper in excess often interferes with zinc metabolism. Zinc is required for the immune response and for over 100 enzymes in the body from  helping digestion to protecting the skin from invasion from infections and even some skin cancers.

Copper Toxicity Syndrome Article

Friday, March 16, 2012

The wait is over!

I was a nervous wreck when I got to my appointment after having read numerous posts about women needing surgery to have their IUDs removed. Since my string had disappeared, I thought I was going to be one of those and I was afraid. An ultrasound was done to make sure it was still in place, which it was. It was not fast and easy as many have said because the dr had to find the strings inside my cervix causing some discomfort. Once that happened, the actual removal was a slight bit painful but it lasted for a second or two. And then it was out! It's like all this pressure was released. I was ecstatic! I have experienced some spotting and mild cramping and just tenderness but I am happy it's out and hopeful that my body will slowly go back to normal.

Tomorrow is a new day :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Information on Copper Toxicity

This website provides a lot of information on Copper Toxicity and resources to have a hair analysis.