Saturday, March 17, 2012

A thought

To think that I quit smoking to reduce my chances at getting cancer and heart disease, and for the past ten years the IUD has been increasing my chances.

I think of how bad the symptoms have been in the past year...

exaggerated hair loss , dizziness, foggy head, fungal infection, chronic nasal congestion, allergies, heart palpitations, blurred and jumpy vision, shoulder and knee pains, sun spots, new moles, deep wrinkles on face and chest (collagen production), anxiety and panic attacks...

And so starts the journey to balance out my copper and zinc levels which should lower my estrogen and reduce all these symptoms.

A day after the removal, I am feeling good. I slept over ten hours straight last night. Today I have some tenderness and can't strain the bowels without discomfort. I was gassy yesterday but not today :)

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